3 Scariest Haunted Hospitals In The United States

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The US is filled with supposedly haunted buildings. Haunted hospitals are one of most popular haunted locations for paranormal enthusiasts. There are haunted hospitals all over the country, many offer tours, and some even offer overnight visits. Give yourself a good scare this summer with a visit to a haunted hospital.

#3: Taunton State Hospital

The Taunton State Hospital. located in Taunton, Massachusetts, was a lunatic asylum built in 1854. This facility was built because the asylum at Worcester had too many patients. The staff was rumored to be part of a cult that would perform satanic rituals in the asylum. Patients were taken to the basement for these rituals, where odd, unexplainable markings can be found on the walls.

Shadows have been seen walking on the walls and lights turn on and off. This facility is still used today for juvenile offenders, so no tours of this facility are offered.

#2: Danvers State Hospital

The Danvers State Hospital, in Salem, Massachusetts, was a mental hospital built in the early 1900s. This hospital was built on the same plot of land that Jonathan Hathorne, a judge of witches delusions in 1646 lived on. Patients in this hospital were “cured” through brutal punishments, such as electroshock therapy, beating, and waterboarding. The hospital was forced to admit over 1700 more patients than it was designed to accommodate.

Lights have been known to flicker on and off, apparitions have been seen, doors close and shut themselves, and footsteps have been heard when nobody has been there to make them. This hospital shut down in the 90s and has since offered tours of the grounds, which are given on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 10-12am. Call 978-365-7352 to reserve your spot on the tour.

#1: The Ridges

The Ridges, on the Ohio University Campus is alledgedly one of the most haunted locations in the nation. The Ridges contained mentally insane criminals, who were beaten and tortured by the staff. The Ridges closed in the 1980s after Margaret Schilling disappeared from the facility and was not found until after the hospital had closed, dead in the attic of the North Ward.

The outline of Margaret’s body was stained onto the floor of the attic and refused to come off of the floor. The Ridges also has a cemetery on property where patients’ tombstones had only numbers, not names. Ohio University offers tours of The Ridges, call Ohio University to schedule a tour.

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6 Tips for Ensuring a Healthy, Happy Cat

There’s a lot to know about a cat before you can fully take care of one. You have to understand your new pet and take the right steps in order to ensure it lives a long, healthy and comfortable life. It takes moreblack_feral_cat than just knowing why cats purr and what they like to eat, you need to create a good environment for your feline friend and make sure they’re satisfied with your care. Below are six different tips to help make sure you raise a healthy cat.

1. What your cat needs
Of course, you know they need to eat, drink, have a litter box and a few places to explore. You’ll want to make sure that cats have a bowl with water, a bowl with food, a carrier for when they need to be transported and a collar just in case they get lost. Other than that you just need to make sure they are comfortable in your house. Cats sleep a lot but they also want to be active so grab a couple toys while you are at it.

2. Food and Water choices
Like anyone, cats have a wide variety of different meal choices. You’ll want to make sure to pick one that is healthy and beneficial for a growing cat. You’ll also want to ration the food so that your cat doesn’t over eat, especially in the morning. Otherwise they can gain weight rapidly.

3. Bathroom Tendencies
Cats want to have a clean litter box to relieve themselves in. If you don’t keep up with their litter box they’ll often respond by relieving themselves elsewhere, and nobody wants that to happen. Make sure you get a litter that smells decent and keep it changed regularly. Also, use the time you are changing the litter to keep an eye out for irregularities. They can be a sign of sickness.

4. Hygiene isn’t so bad
Cats mostly clean themselves, which is very convenient. If you need to give them a bath at some point just be slow, be gentle and make sure to wrap them up comfortably in a small towel. Some cats even enjoy the process.

5. Checkups aren’t that bad
Yes cats get stressed out (who wouldn’t be after being stuffed in a cat carrier) but it’s important that they get regular check ups and stay current with their shots.

6. Play with your cat
A lot of people get cats because they are independent and then just stop hanging out with them. Cats are independent but they are also companions and are very sociable. Make sure you spend some time with your cat and have fun.

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